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Dear friends & guests,

In order to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible, we have adapted our property and some of our processes to suit the extraordinary circumstances relating to the global health environment.context. Bellow we highlight just some of the measures taken for your safety. 

We hope you are reassured that despite of these changes, our ethos and raison d’être will remain just as strong as before and thank you for your continued support.

Take care &  be well. 


Frederic and Cristina 


UPDATED MAY 15th, 2021 *

As part of our efforts to counteract the COVID–19 pandemic, the following health & safety guidelines have been put in place at 5 Lasserre. These were issued by the American Hotel Association following guidance from the CDC Centers for Disease Control. In addition, we also comply with  local requirements issued by the Tourism office of Libourne, France.


Please kindly review all the information bellow about some changes you can expect when you arrive and during your stay with us without compromising the quality & expectations of your experience. These measures will only have a positive effect if we all follow them. 

General Information •

  • The property is deep cleaned continously and sanitised throughout. We have increased the regularity.schedule of multiple sanitation cleanings daily to ensure safe and comfortable environments for our guests and team. •

  • Hand sanitiser stations are located throughout the property and we have added hand sanitising gels to each room for guests’ personal use. Please give us a hint when you come across an empty dispenser.

  • Throughout the property, the distance rule of a minimum of 2 meters continues to apply. Within the public indoor areas, and only when one can not hold this distance, a face wearing mask shall be required, covering the nose and the mouth.If you need a disposable mask, we will be happy to provide you with a disposable one.

  • Our team members will wear face masks, gloves where appropriate, practice frequent hand sanitising and comply with social distancing.


Physical Distancing



As recommended by the CDC’s social distancing guidelines, guests are advised to practice physical distancing by standing at least six feet / 2 meters  away from other groups of people not traveling with them, including any areas where guests are relaxing.


When applicable, furniture and other public seating areas will be reconfigured to promote social distancing.


Guest Rooms

In anticipation of individual concerns of guests, 5 Lasserre team members shall not enter a guest room during their sojourn unless specifically requested, or approved, by the guest, or to comply with established safety protocols. Our team members shall maintain the practice of cleaning rooms thoroughly following check-out. 

Arrival and Departures

  • We have set a new (temporarily) arrival time policy for all our check-in guests. By shifting our standard arrival time from 16:00 hours to 18:00 hours, we will be enabling not just a deeper cleaning protocol for each guest suite, but to also allow of a prolonged time of aeration in between each usage of our guest rooms..

  • Arrivals will be spaced out to allow for individualised guest check-in. We will be asking our guests to kindly inform us of their arrival times so to put into practice the above measure.

  • In normal times we would hand you personally your suite key upon arrival. This time around, sanitised room keys shall be placed directly within your suite.

  • Guests will receive a final bill via email prior to departure to complete your check-out.

Guest Suites Housekeeping Services

We have always taken great pride in our level of cleanliness and will continue to work hard to maintain our standards, personalisation and attention. To minimise COVID-19 transmission and risk, rooms will not be able to be serviced as usual. The frequency of room cleaning during a guest’s stay may be altered based on guest requirements and or length of stay.

Before arrival: 

Cleaning and disinfecting protocols demand that particular attention is paid to high-touch, hard non- porous items including television remote controls, toilet seats and handles, door and furniture handles, water faucet handles, nightstands, light features & switches, temperature control panels, luggage racks and flooring.


During your stay:

We are aware we should limit team members entering your room throughout your stay. Housekeeping daily cleaning services will be therefore, temporarily suspended. For long staying guests (more than 3 nights), we will gladly discuss options for additional requests and linen exchanges. Towels can be equally changed upon request.

Back of the House

Cleaning and disinfecting of all high touch areas occurs in accordance with CDC guidelines, including at least twice per day in high traffic areas. Hand washing stations and access to hand sanitiser are available & highly visible.


Cleaning Equipment:

Cleaning tools and equipment are restricted to one person usage only. When share equipment does not enable single usage, it shall be disinfected after each utilisation by our team members.

Disinfecting Equipment:

Our super potent Vapor Steam Cleaner can clean, sanitise, disinfect &  deodorize without the use of chemicals. The purest most natural solvent is created by water, super heated to 130 degrees to produce steam and pressure for amazing disinfecting results. All our guest rooms are therefore sanitised & clean this way upon each departure. Accessible indoor public spaces are clean & treated in similar way with continuous frequency. 

New (temporarily) Arrival Check-in Policy:

We have decided to set up (temporarily) a new arrival check-in time for guests at 18:00 hours to enable not just a deeper cleaning protocol for each guest suite, but to also allow of a prolonged time of aeration.

Soiled Linens

Laundry linens, towels and laundry shall be washed in accordance with CDC guidelines. Dirty linen are bagged individually in the guest room to eliminate excess contact while being transported to the laundry facility. 

Daily Room Recovery Protocol 

In the unlikely event of a presumptive case of COVID-19 the affected guest room is removed from service and quarantined. The guest room will not be returned to service until undergoing an enhanced cleaning and disinfecting utilising approved products within CDC guidelines. 


Our team members will be wearing masks for the safety and comfort of guests during service. • While we are always diligent in maintaining health and sanitation codes, surfaces will be sanitised with increased regularity. • 

Buffet Breakfast | Table d'Hôtes

  • Traditional buffet service will be terminated until further notice. 

  • Breakfast will be presented & served individually.

  • Dinner | Table d"Hôtes on our communal dinning table will be set up maintaining the necessary social distancing new norms.


To ensure a pleasant and safe dining experience, outdoor table spacing has been adjusted to allow for six feet (2 meters) between tables. Guests will be allocated their own outdoor dinning table throughout their stay. 

In the event of rain, we will serve breakfast indoors & will implement a breakfast time schedule. Each guest will be asked to schedule their preferred breakfast commencement  time  (based on availability) the previous day in order to maintain adequate physical distancing.


Wellbeing Activities

Massage & Reiki treatments will be temporarily halted. Yoga classes can continue to be booked and will  follow CDC guidelines for the number of people gathering in one location: limited to just maximum two participants per room at a given time when performed indoors or, more  participants if performed outdoors accommodating safe distancing.

Wine Tasting:

Guests can continue to enjoy wine tastings in the region. Wineries have informed us that the number of participants which can take part are currently limited to a maximum of six guests at a given time, and once again, these activities will adhere to CDC guidelines for the number of people gathering in one location. We will be able to offer more information once you inform us of your selected chateaux to visit.


Our bicycles will continue to be available and will be sanitised before & after each usage.

Communal Facilities: 

Most of our communal facilities will stay open but must comply with restrictions.  Unfortunately, some areas that are not providing essential services  or conflict with protocols will be closed, hence our library room, cinema room, hamman, massage treatment room & pool house restroom will temporarily remain closed.  The use of the remaining facilities and spaces must be carefully managed and kept to an absolute minimum.


Pool Access and seating:

Access to our infinity Swimming pool shall remain available. 

Pool seating shall allow at least six feet separation between groups of guests. 

* All procedures and adapted programming are subject to change based on guidance from the CDC and applicable local governmental authorities.

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