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Maison or Chambre d’hôtes began many, many moons ago as a way for farmers to supplement their income by letting out a spare room or two, and allowing the guest to join the family for a convivial evening meal & a nourishing breakfast to bit the tireless traveller godspeed. 

It has come a long way since then, and many of the most beautiful and special places to stay in France are maison d’hôtes. Although the closest equivalent in English terms is a Bed & Breakfast or Inn, you will see that chambres d’hôtes is a uniquely French experience!

We want you to really take advantage of your stay here; the following Q&A's will assist you in enjoying your stay with us that much more.  If you have any other questions or concerns, please kindly get in touch with us.



Thank you for considering our home for your next holiday retreat.

Ours is a small intimate establishment and we thank you for reading through our reservation terms & conditions as well as the following lines so that we can take care of you and make your stay with us that much more enjoyable.

We can't wait to see you at 5 Lasserre!

  • Am I expected to interact ​with other guests? 


​We cultivate an inclusive but open atmosphere where guest are given the choice to interact with each other as much or as little as they want. 

  • Is there a mascot pet in the house? 


Yes, there is! At 5 Lasserre we  promote  an array of welcoming touches that make our guests feel at home, from personalised hospitality to curated breakfasts, all of them are a big part of what makes a guest house & B&B homestead stay that much special. And sometimes that sense of homey comfort comes by way of a fluffy, four-footed innkeeper named Babouche.  As such, our friendly and beautiful resident pet cat roams freely on our property, keeping an eye on all things and remains on hand for meet-and-greets when needed - something that, we noticed, brings travellers a special kind of domestic happiness.  


Most of the time though,  he is in our private quarters busy power-napping and making sure that the human staff perform their duties to their meticulous standards.


Unarguably we do not allow him into the guest rooms.

  • Do you welcome children in your property? 

Peaceful, romantic, an oasis of calmness & so ....... serene -  those are some of the multiple magic words  used by our guests to describe our home as stated on our testimonial page.  Fully dedicated to provide our guests a relaxed & peaceful retreat, ours is an adults-only property welcoming guests over 18 years only. 

Nothing sulphurous, libertine or discriminatory in this choice: simply the desire to offer our visitors the luxury of the tranquility & peace they are in search of and a taste for gourmet meals particularly suitable for 'grown-ups' accompanied, of course, by lots of wine :-)

  • What if I have a special request?


We offer services and amenities specially tailored to the needs of all our individual guests. We feel it's crucial to communicate your needs and expectations before your stay and or arrival.


Please kindly tell us about any dietary restrictions, food allergies, room preferences, and special requests you might have. If you have physical limitations, ask if your room is accessible with ease. Would you like to enjoy any of our outsourced activities and well being treatments, please do kindly advise us of the date and preferred timing. We shall try to assist you in the best way of our capacity. Thank you.

  • Is there a parking lot in your property?


Yes, there is. Please drive into our property, temporarily park your vehicle in front of the large glass facade, walk to the entrance  and ring the bell. We shall gladly assist you with your bags and guide you to our car park.




  • What are our check-in and check out times?


For your information, our check in times are 16:00 -- 21:00 hours, our check out time is 11:00PM on the day of your departure. 

As you''ll experience, ours is actually a very intimate & quaint affair which is what makes our home so special.  We love to provide special personal attention to our guests but we also kindly require  them to arrive & depart in a timely manner, specially during the high season. We thank you for your understanding.


Please kindly disclose your ETA  -expected arrival time - to us during your reservation or when conveniently possible, especially since we love to personally welcome all of our  guests on arrival. Later check-in time requires prior arrangement since we do not maintain a 24/7 hours desk service. Please kindly call or email to give us the heads up.

  • What if I'm late for check-in? 


Flights get delayed. Traffic jams happen. We are well aware of the uncertainties of travel. It's okay if you're late for check-in, but the important thing is to touch base with us when there's a change in plans. Before you leave, make sure you have our contact information. Save our phone number and email address on your phone and keep a hard copy of these details in your carry-on bag (just in case your phone battery dies).



Warm, personalised attention and mingling among fellow travellers are part of the appeal of guesthouses and bed & breakfast inns.


But hospitality goes both ways.  At B&Bs, as in life, communication and common courtesy are key. 

  • What are the breakfast serving hours? 


Our Gourmet Tapas Breakfast is served between 09:00 - - 10:30 AM

  • Do I have to eat breakfast with other guests?


We regret to inform you that we do not provide room-service or breakfast in the guest rooms.  


A home-cooked breakfast shared with fellow travelers is a much-loved perk of the 'maison d'hôtes' experience. It may seem like breakfast is a must... —after all, it's included in the price of your stay—but the reality is a lot more flexible. If you'd like to skip breakfast and sleep until noon (a wonderful idea), go for it. It's your vacation, and we  understand that.

  • Breakfast to go?


We are happy to accommodate guests who'd like to grab breakfast and go. Kindly give us a 24 hours notice and we'll pack a casual to-go breakfast for guests who have set up early visits or departures.

  • Any advice for conversation topics around the breakfast or dinner table?


Part of the adventure with breakfast or dinner conversation is to see what happens with the combination of guests. Have fun getting to know your fellow travelers—you never know what you might learn or who you might meet. ​ A bit of breakfast hobnobbing is a great opportunity to discover more about your destination, too. We recommend using the morning meal as a means for gleaning travel advice: ask fellow travellers what they've seen and done in the area, and share your own experiences. You could gain valuable firsthand guidance on the best way to explore your destination


In the evening,  during the communal table d'hôtes experience, just be yourself - you might be surprised how easily connections are created amongst a lovingly prepared meal and one, two or more glasses of wine. 

  • May I ask my hosts for trip-planning advice or ideas on what to see in the area?


Wes love nothing more than bringing you a little closer to the Bordelais we love. Please make the most of our knowledge :-)

  • What should a guest do if he or she has spilled or broken something ?


Accidents happen. We say "never shame or blame a guest". Be up front and honest so that it can be immediately cleaned - especially if it is red wine, the sooner the better - or repaired so that you or the next guests can equally enjoy the premises in an outmost perfect way.


For major repairs,  we reserve the right to request for payment to make good of the incident. The same goes for major clean-ups during or after our guest's stay. Thank you for your kind understanding.

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