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Green and inclusive, elegant and peaceful, humbling & non-judgemental, broadminded & tolerant, the 5 Lasserre experience is unlike any other.

Nestled in the heart of France's most prestigious wine region, we pride ourselves in offering a mindful approach to living the good life. “Deep country side bliss” with luxurious subtle aesthetic, privacy, and graciousness, 5 Lasserre models hospitality with committed expressions and respect for the land, it's heritage, the local community and its visitors.

A stay at 5 Lasserre is not only a wonderful relaxing getaway but travellers can also feel good knowing their hosts make stewardship of the environment and social community engagements a priority in every aspect of their day to day life.  Implementing & applying social & green initiatives as often and possible as we can is an integral part of who we aim to be. We invite our guests to learn about the steps we're taking and share any ideas they may have for us. 


* Repurposed Furnishings

Whether antique, previously owned & loved or just heirloom pieces, we believe that the soul of these pieces live in them for those who appreciate the care and craft of the individuals who conceived them many moons ago.

* Water Heating

Water is partially heated using rooftop solar panels.

* Compost

We compost our food waste, providing a rich, organic compost for our gardens

* Bread Waste

Unarguably, in establishments like ours, where freshness of produce is an imperative,  there is always meant to be some organic waste. Such waste is gifted to free-range chicken, horses and pig farms within proximity.

* Electricity Consumption

90% of all our indoor lights are Led certified. 97% of our garden lights are solar powered.

* Water (H2O) Savings

Installation of water saving devices in the bathroom reduce water offload consumption. 

* Waste Minimisation
We improve our waste management by using sorting bins for recyclable materials and, where possible, we ask our suppliers to reduce the use of packaging. 

* Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products
We try to use as much of  green cleaning products as possible. We love products that have a positive effect on the environment and are less harmful for the people who work with them.  Green products are also likely to use less packaging and are often biodegradable. 

* Garden Irrigation

All the front part of our garden and orchard gets irrigated with water pumped out of our rain water deep well. 

* Starting the Green Dialogue with Guests
We continue to search for the most sustainable alternatives in our operations. We love when our guest enquire about our green & social initiatives and share further their own expertise with us.


* Acknowledgement of the Local Economy. 

We thrive to  source & use products, that are produced in our own region. From buying free range eggs up to fair trade products; by making use of our close by located merchants & partnering farms, we strengthen the local economy and support local jobs. 

* Welcome Inclusiveness & Diversity

We welcome & treat all our guests & employees with dignity and respect.

* Animal Welfare

We share our grounds with a divers number of wildlife. We welcome & treat these animals humanely and respectfully. 

* Social Engagement

Laundry management is handled by an exterior company that trains and employs people with disabilities.


Travellers aren't necessarily choosing properties because of their sustainability commitments, but they will appreciate our efforts that allow them to enjoy responsible practices without compromising comfort & style.


* Renovation Building Ethos

At 5 Lasserre, everything was built out of respect for the natural surroundings, environment and culture, utilising only local  materials that have been sourced within 100 kilometres of the property​

* Artisanship

Local artisans participated in the renovation so that they could contribute ancient techniques and knowledge transmitted over several generations.

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